Andrew Rens


Portrait Photograph Andrew Rens

Andrew Rens is a scholar of the complex interactions of law, knowledge, and innovation. As well as working in the academy, he has practised as an attorney (in South Africa) and worked for social change in the nonprofit sector.

Rens completed a doctorate at Duke Law School, where he researched the innovative use of open licenses in education (Graduation: May 2017). He also taught in courses on Global Health Innovation and Access to Medicines: Intellectual Property and Global Public Health (2012, 2013) at Duke Law.  As Principal Investigator, and research leaders of the African Scholars for Knowledge Justice Network he has helped create a network of African scholars researching, teaching and advising on the interactions of Intellectual Property and Human Rights.

He was the founding Legal Lead of Creative Commons South Africa, a co-founder and  director of The African Commons Project and a charter member and  director of Freedom to Innovate South Africa. He was the first person to be awarded a Shuttleworth Foundation Fellowship (2007-10) for his work on access to knowledge, IP law reform and open education.

He has been a fellow at the Stanford Center for Internet and Society , a research associate at the LINK Center at the School of Public and Development Management, University of the Witwatersrand, Johannesburg, and is a research associate at the University of Cape Town Intellectual Property Law Research Unit.

He obtained a Master of Laws from the Law School at the University of the Witwatersrand where he  later taught Master’s courses in Intellectual Property, Telecommunications, Broadcasting, Space and Satellite, and Media  and  Information Technology Law.  He also taught Master’s courses in Telecommunications Law (February to May 2010) and Electronic Intellectual Property Law (July to November 2009) at the University of Cape Town Law School.

A list of  publications is here.


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