Press and Presentations

Press, Presentations, Publications and Partners

Economic, Social and Cultural Rights: The limitless textbook, Association of Progressive Communications 14 April 2016

Webcast of “Educational Knowledge Resources as Infrastructure” given on April 15, 2014 as part of the A2K Speaker Series run by the Information Society Project at Yale Law School  in  partnership with the Access to Knowledge for Development Center at the American University, Cairo, and the Access to Knowledge Global Academy.

Video Interview on my experiences as Shuttleworth Fellow and what I am doing post fellowship, November 2012.

Don’t Stop the Future with Kerryn McKay, 10 June 2010, Times Live

Press Interviews

Generation Y pay? On Air Interview with SAfm, 2 November 2009 [not available online]

PositionIT Mapping the World class African city Heather Ford May 2009 [podcast]

Textbook Market
Moneyweb, Local watchdogs eye global publisher,03 November 2008 10:48

ITNewsAfrica Shuttleworth Foundation concerned over education publishing giant restructuring, October 24, 2008

Business Day Pearson to raise its stake in SA publisher, Sue Blaine, 2008/10/24 12:00:00 AM

Business Day SA leg of publishing merger approved, Sue Blaine, 2007/08/16 12:00:00 AM

The Star Bid to stop merger of textbook publishers, Angelique Serrao, 2 August 2007, 20:22

Business Day Concern raised over publishing merger, Sue Blaine, 2007/07/31 12:00:00 AM

The Battle for Open Standards

ITWEB Informatica Government’s clout on open standards by Ivo Vegter and Pamela Weaver, IT Informatica Reference Series

ITWeb  OOXML standard is published, Candice Jones, 26 Nov 2008

Tectonic South Africa appeals ISO’s OOXML decision, Alastair Otter, September 17, 2008

ITWeb  ISO dismisses OOXML appeal, Candice Jones, 10 Jul 2008

Business Day SABS tackles ISO and Microsoft on digital standards, Lesley Stones, 2008/06/06 12:00:00 AM

ITWeb Emerging markets back SA, Candice Jones, 5 Jun 2008

Groklaw: The Shuttleworth Foundation Supports South Africa’s Appeal Against OOXML Wednesday, May 28 2008 @ 12:06 PM EDT

ITWeb SA appeals ISO’s decision, Candice Jones, 26 May 2008

ITWeb Cautious optimism for MS decision, Candice Jones, 23 May 2008

ITWEB, Emerging markets reject OOXML, 4 April 2008

ITWeb Armscor eyes open source, Leon Engelbrecht, 28 Nov 2007

ITWeb  Citizens win with interop standard, Leon Engelbrecht, 26 Oct 2007

Tectonic Shuttleworth Foundation backs ISO ruling,Alastair Otter, September 11, 2007

My Broadband, Computing SA Shuttleworth Foundation supports ISO decision on Microsoft, 11 September, 2007

Public Knowledge

Research funding a trap for inventors, Big News, 1 October 2009, Interview with Big News, news for entrepreneurs, on the Intellectual Property Rights from Publicly Financed Research Act 2008 [offline]

IP Watch Proposed Rules On Public Research In South Africa Stir Debate
Dugie Standeford, 4 June 2009 @ 3:32 pm

Tectonic Government regulations threaten innovation, free software, say opponents,Alastair Otter, April 29, 2009

Legal Brief IPR research regulations ‘unconstitutional’, says expert, Thu 23 April 2009

ITWeb IP Act puts profit first, Audra Mahlong, 3 Feb 2009

IP Bill locks down innovation, Audra Mahlong and Siyabonga Africa, 15 Jan 2009 ITWeb,

Presentations in 2009

(I am currently revising and loading the presentations into slideshare, its a work in progress)


‘pwned’ Copyright and Legal Information, 10th Law via the Internet Conference, Durban, 27 November 2009


Open UCT Strategy Workshop, Center for Educational Technology, 20 October 2009


‘Copyright and Copyleft’, UCT Graduate School of Business, Business Acumen for Artists, October 7 2009


‘The Moral Panic of Copyright Crime’ Library and Information Association of South Africa Free Access to Information and Freedom of Expression Conference, Free State University of Technology, Bloemfontein September 2009


Lead Discussant Copyleft Panel Expert meeting on Development and Intellectual Property Third World Network Geneva 20th September 2009


Speaker ‘Managing Heritage Digitization Issues’ Visual History Archive and Creative Commons South Africa Workshop on Legal Issues of Digitizing Visual Material University of Cape Town 15 September 2009

Yale Law School

‘Open Standards in South Africa’ Yale Internet and Society Project, Global A2K Academy,  A2K Scholars Seminar, 19-21 August 2009

Cape Peninsular University of Technology

‘Free and Open Source Software’, On Line Media Conference, Cape Peninsular University of Technology 1 August 2009, 2009, Cape Town


‘The Bayh Dole Act: Its emergence in Africa and impact on access to medicines’ in “Towards and Intellectual Proeprty Regime that protects Public Health” World Health Organisation course on Intellectual Property Rights and Public Health, 25 June 2009, Cape Town

Creative Research and Development

‘Not a patcholi scented info hippie’  Alternative Publishing Workshop, Creative R & D/PALM Africa Workshop, 5 June 2009,  Twelve Apostles Cape Town

‘Access to learning materials and copyright in Africa, findings of the African Copyright and Access to Knowledge (ACA2K) Project’ Iqsensato Seminar, 20 May 2009, Geneva

‘Open Licences and Copyright Exceptions’ Open Content Workshop NASPERS , 14 May 2009, Cape Town


‘The Mechanics and Mystique of Open Licences’ University of Cape Town Intellectual Property Law and Policy Research Unit Inaugural Lecture Workshop ‘IP Challenges for the Future”, 12 May 2009, All Africa House, UCT

Breakwater Campus

Breakwater Campus

‘Privacy, Intellectual Property and Surveillance’ Connectivity and Convergence, Alternative Regulatory Strategies for Telecommunications, UCT Graduate School of Business Executive Course, 17 April 2009, Breakwater Campus

Publications in 2009

Access to Knowledge in South Africa: Part of the A2K Research Series, Edited by Andrew Rens & Rebecca Kahn, Yale Law School Information Society Project, October 2009 Access to Knowledge in South Africa Yale Series
Imagining a Traditional Knowledge Commons, International Development Law Organization and Natural Justice, October 2009 (co-authored with Abrell, Bavikatte, Cocchiaro and Jonas) Imagining a Traditional Knowledge Commons
‘Implementing the WIPO Development Agenda: Treaty Provisions on Minimum Exceptions and Limitations for Education’ in Implementing WIPO’s Development Agenda International Development Research Centre, July 2009 Implementing the WIPO Development Agenda
Report on the Open Review of the South African Copyright Act, Edited by Andrew Rens and Rebecca Kahn, Shuttleworth Foundation Report South African Open Copyright Review Report



African Copyright and Access to Knowledge Project


Consumers International A2K Advisory Group


Creative Commons South Africa


Freedom to Innovate South Africa


The African Commons Project

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