Sign the Cape Town Declaration on Open Education

Written by Andrew Rens on January 22nd, 2008

Today the Cape Town Declaration on Open Education is formally launched.

You can read the Declaration and sign it at

Why do I think its a good idea to sign the Declaration? The Declaration builds on the work of previous declarations which focused on open access, but the Cape Town Declaration focuses on education, especially the policies and practises required to open, and keep open, educational resources.

Open educational resources are crucial to open education. There are other aspects of open education, and there will certainly be other declarations which cover those aspects. They won’t however have much meaning if educational resources aren’t open.

If you agree with me that education is the best development tool around, or just that opening education to the two thirds world is simply a good idea then I urge you sign the Declaration.

The difference signing makes is simply this, it demonstrates the commitment of many people, from all of the world, from a diversity of backgrounds, to opening education, and so opening opportunity to the majority of the people in the world.


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