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Written by Andrew Rens on September 20th, 2007

Monday 24 September is a public holiday in South Africa. It makes for a great long weekend, but do you recall why its a public holiday?

Its Heritage Day.

(and I am reliably informed, National Braai Day).
So you’ve already made plans to spend the day at the beach/dam/pub/garden/in bed…that doesn’t mean you can’t take enjoy some of South Africa’s rich heritage, and add to it.

Heather has some cool new ideas how you can contribute to Heritage Day, whether you are in Paris or Parys, Darling, Darwin or Darjeeling.

There is a great project for you to share a bit of your. and your family’s history, on Wikipedia.

That means that all those seth efricens all over the world can take some time to remember and share your setch efrican heritage.

soe waar!

Heritage Image


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